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Benefits of Online Fax Services

While the fax machine has been around for awhile, businesses are reluctant to get rid of them.  In today’s modern age their are better alternatives to fax machines but companies have come to trust and rely upon them for their daily needs.  Our solution allows you to keep your traditional fax machine but introduces ways to both save you money and increase your productivity.  

Our Internet Fax Solution lets you keep your fax machine but replace the costly phone line connected to it saving you money without the need to retrain your staff or you can send your contracts, signed documents, and other key business paperwork fast and conveniently using your email instead of using a fax machine.  The choice is yours. Both options are included and will help you and your company become more efficient without needing those frequent trips to the fax machine while saving money.

Our Internet Fax Solution offers a reliable and secure cloud-based internet fax service for businesses. Our company’s fax solutions are proficient, fast and easy to use – the kind of features that you are looking for in an eFax company. Business communication is crucial and if you have the right communication tools, you’re business can be properly managed.

Best Internet Fax System

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Network Connectivity

Zero Upfront Costs
Fax over IP leverages your existing LAN and WAN IP networks so you don’t have to manage or pay for a separate analog network.

Flexible Usage

Zero Upfront Costs
Fax over IP lets users choose how they want to fax, using a computer, a fax machine, or both. No more log jams at the fax machine.

Advanced Management

Zero Upfront Costs
Bringing fax documents into the IP realm allows for fax documents to be easily archived, sorted and emailed, save you time and money.

Better Value

Zero Upfront Costs
Fax over IP is more efficient and less costly than fax servers that many companies use. Also they are much easier to use.

Lower Cost

Zero Upfront Costs
With one less network to pay for and manage there is a definite cost savings in using Fax over IP. Say goodbye to those costly phone lines.

The Right Solution for You

Zero Upfront Costs
VoIP Fax Services are designed to support small to large enterprises. Whatever your need, Fax over IP will meet or exceed it.


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