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What's New with Local & Long Distance Service?

What’s new in local phone service for businesses? There has been a dramatic change, over a few short years, in the way companies purchase local telephone service. Today, depending on where your company is located, there could be as many as 50 service providers vying for your local telephone business. The decision-making process can be downright overwhelming.

At iRingAnywhere, we believe that educated choices are critical. We have seen companies save thousands of dollars and avoid years of being locked into contracts when they make sound decisions at the initial time of ordering local telephone service. In fact, it’s our goal to provide the guidance needed so our clients can make educated decisions.

As your business communications company, it’s our goal to provide the guidance needed so our clients can make educated local telephone service decisions. Now you are able to save when calling long distance by using a VoIP Phone System.

If you haven’t compared your Local and Long Distance options lately, you owe it to yourself to see how much you can save by allowing us to compare and shop your rates.  Feel free to call us at (985) 288-2669 or click the button below to get a free telephone bill audit to see how much you can save.  You have nothing to loose except your high phone bills.


Local & Long Distance FAQs

Generally, yes. Feature and plan changes can be made by contacting us or the service provider. However, certain plans do carry term commitments, which means you are locked in until the term expires. As always, we recommend you contact us at Cory Communications to discuss all of your options.

Many businesses are concerned about switching their phone service, fearing they will no longer retain their familiar telephone number. Today, if you switch service providers, you can retain your current telephone number. More importantly, Cory has providers that allow you to retain numbers virtually anywhere in the country, so your organization can have a “local presence” anywhere, even if you do not have a physical presence. In addition, if your company is currently using RCF (Remote Call Forwarding) and paying exorbitant charges for forwarded calls, Cory can help reduce these fees, and still enable you to retain your current telephone number.

It takes approximately 6 – 14 business days to switch service for POTS lines and typically 45 business days for T-1 service and above. Fiber-based products take between 60-90 days. Cloud-based VoIP services take between 30-90 business days.

Your existing service must be cancelled. While we at iRingAnywhere will work with you as you transfer service to your new provider, ultimately you are responsible for making the cancellation. As consultants, part of our sales process is to consult our clients with regards to any contractual obligations they may be currently under.


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