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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed Services is simply the principle that a business should be able to outsource its technology management needs to a third-party provider, who takes the hassle out of IT administration and ensures that everything runs smoothly around the clock.  This includes monitoring and the proactive resolutions of any problems that arise.

Today’s modern Managed Service Providers are geared to helping small and medium-sized businesses develop better IT systems that enable them to reach their goals and drive higher profits.  They do this by configuring systems that trigger alerts to the MSP when something is likely to go wrong, and then promptly taking action to address that potential issue. This approach allows MSPs to move away from the reactive firefighting mode of old, and instead provide a proactive service that identifies and resolves problems before they even occur.

Today’s small businesses are more reliant than ever on technology and need their systems to be dependable, fast and scalable.  Having downtime is not tolerable for most businesses, they need reliabilty above all else. Most businesses can’t justify having an expensive IT professional on staff and turn to a professional managed IT support company to keep their systems running and plan for future growth.


The New Face of IT Support

 in the past companies relied on a break-fix agreement whereby support was provided on an ad-hoc basis as and when things went wrong – resulting in a chaotic scramble to resolve faults once they had been identified – modern Managed Services Providers instead focus on providing a consistent service to their clients. Our work doesn’t start and stop depending on whether you have an urgent fire that needs putting out; instead, we are continually working on your behalf in the background to identify and prevent problems before they have the opportunity to cause disruption to your staff or clients.  

Unlike traditional break-fix technicians we provide routine maintenance tasks such as installing updates, periodic system tune-ups, providing backups as well as security services to ensure that your devices and networks is always fully protected from harm.

The Cost of Manage It Services

The good news is that Managed Services don’t have to break the bank. While you might assume that having a team of seasoned professionals constantly tending to your network might result in unmanageable costs, the truth is that Managed Services almost always cost less than IT support that adopts the conventional break-fix model.  When you factor in the money lost during downtime that is unavoidable when you rely on a break-fix support, these savings are much higher. 

Modern Managed Service companies provide services such as 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance allow your MSP to prevent the occurrence of costly issues that most break-fix technician are called out for.  MSPs can handle most issues remotely before the business is even aware of any issues and without any noticeable downtime ensure peak productivity for all concerned. 

Managed services are offered on a flat-rate basis, with unlimited service included in one price.  This offers more benefits to your business, since you will have a low-cost predictable budget that you can count on.  All without those nasty surprise bills from a traditional break-fix repair company.  

We offer several packages to provide varying levels of support depending on your business needs and number of devices that your team uses.  Depending on the plan selected, inclusive services can comprise everything from simple monitoring and notification of problems for you to resolve yourself, to comprehensive cover including everything from monitoring to problem resolution and ongoing strategic planning to develop a more streamlined network infrastructure that’s aligned to enable you to meet your long-term business goals.

What's Included in Our Manged IT Service Plan?

Managed Backup

Your Data is Safe
Protecting your workforce data has never been such a high priority, particularly in the era of remote work forces.

Month-to-Month Contract

Zero Upfront Costs
Unlike most companies, we don’t require lengthy contracts to get started. Our monthly contracts allow us to prove to you each day how valuable our services are.

Patch Management

Keep Your Team Secure
All your devices will be monitored and checked to ensure they have the latest updates from Microsoft and other vendors ensuring you are fully protected.

Onsite & Remote Support

Fast Remote Support
Regardless if you have a simple question or a highly technical issue, our team of experts will help resolve your issue promptly.

Scheduled Maintenance

Eliminate Issues
We schedule regular maintenance and tune ups at a set time to ensure their is no loss of productivity because of a slow computer. These services are usually done after hours.

Help Desk Support

Answers When You Need Them
Should a question or problem arise, using our simple help desk tool, our team can rapidly respond to and fix your problem prevent costly downtime.

Anti Virus & Security Services

We ensure every device on your network has our top of the line antivirus software installed to ensure you are protected from today’s threats.

24 /7 Monitoring

Prevent Issues
We monitor ALL your desktops, laptops, network equipment around the clock to detect and resolve issues allowing us to prevent costly downtime saving you both time and money.

Employee Security Training

Prevent Expensive Breaches
Our free security awareness training protects your company’s most valuable information using easy-to-understand online videos for all employees.


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